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Exclusive: Key change coming to NYC sex ed policy

June 4, 2015

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  1. join

    I think this policy goes back more than 4 years. No condom demonstrations when I was at thhs in the 2000s. I would ask Mr. Hanson.

    • admin

      The policy of not allowing demonstrations goes back further than four years. But for the past four years, teachers have been able to talk about how to use them, but not show it. So, four years ago they changed policies to make lessons in health class more open, save for showing condoms. This will change that.

  2. Monica

    I only learned of this "old" DOE policy at the brunch. As the saying goes, "What's old is new"? When I attended IS 227/LAMS, my teacher invited Planned Parenthood to our science class. The presenter brought models of male and female reproductive organs and demonstrated proper use of prophylactics to prevent "venereal disease" and unwanted pregnancy?

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