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Alumnus turned away from THHS as new procedure continues to be implemented

January 13, 2017

  1. Hannah Morse

    I have a concern with this new “procedure.” What happens if the office calls a teacher and the teacher doesn’t remember the name? Some teachers have over 100 students a year and some students have the same name. How are they supposed to remember every single student by first and last name? And if they don’t remember our name does that mean we will be turned away too because no one can “assume responsibility” for us?

  2. Kayla

    As a follow up to Ms. Morse's concern, what happens if a teacher or staff member is available during certain time frames and clearly communicates these times with the alumus/a but something happens, like getting pulled into a meeting without having a chance to let said alumus/a know? Many of us still take public transportation to get to THHS, sometimes with travel times of 1 hour+, to see the people who had a significant positive impact on our lives. Sometimes we take that one day we have off from work or school, or maybe even that ten minute break we have between our other duties and responsibilities, to visit these amazing people and let them know that they made a difference in our lives. We go up and down those 6 flights of stairs like we did during our time at THHS to reacquaint ourselves with the place that helped shape the people we are today. We spend the whole day going around the school, visiting offices and classrooms, seeing everyone and talking with new THHS community members. Circumstances always change, but Harrisites always adapt and seek new treasures, whether it be finding something they never thought to search for before or rekindling a dampened fire. This new policy is curtailing that ability.

  3. Kate (Lu) Sedor

    Cutting people off from their networks of support is one of the signs of an abuser. That's exactly what I'm seeing here.

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