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While denying multiple teachers requests to attending training sessions, IAP Jahoda recruits teachers to attend costly event she was professionally involved with

March 2, 2017

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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful article. The Alumni Association has a long history of providing professional development funding for the faculty, led by a significant contribution from Charles Sigety '39 and augmented by its members over the years. The monies are to be used to enhance the abilities of as many faculty members as possible across several disciplines, and for those faculty members to share their knowledge with their peers and use the skills they acquired in the classroom. We were not told that Mr. Heitman did not attend, and first heard of this from the Classic reporters. While we realize that occasionally, last minute cancellations are unavoidable and those refunds aren't granted, it seems on the surface that this situation could have been avoided. We are currently investigating this matter. We take the management of the Alumni endowment very seriously and will ensure all funds are properly disbursed.

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