Monday, October 5, 2015
Daedalus to shut down after September 30 Art by Bailey Chan
Harrislam: National Victor Photo Courtesy of Minahil Khan
Alarms added to all building exits Photo by Rebekah Jones
More holidays now in 2015-2016 calendar Art by Bailey Chan
Features Spotlight Photo courtesy of Peony Tse

Peony Tse joins leadership program

Beating the odds of a 2% acceptance rate, senior Peony Tse earned a spot in the Bank of America’s…

Opinion Spotlight Art by Cindy Wu

Recognizing more holidays comes at a cost

This year, the New York City Department of Education has included Eid al-Adha…

A&E Spotlight Photo by Rebekah Jones

MoMa exhbits work by current Harrisite

Many artists spend their entire career perfecting their craft in hopes of having…

Sports Spotlight Photo by Melissa Wong

THHS welcomes a new volleyball coach

For the third season in a row, the Townsend Harris Girls Varsity Volleyball Team…

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Photo by Jillissa Drayton

Alumna discusses her political career

The name Rebecca Lynch is no longer unfamiliar to many Townsend Harris High School students.… Read the rest

Photo by Rebekah Jones

A Stuy counselor joins the THHS team

Mr. Jeremy Wang is Townsend Harris’ new guidance counselor, replacing Ms. Adrienne Nasser…

Photo by Rebekah Jones

Ms. Laverde checks in to the library

Through Ms. Arlene Laverde, Townsend Harris introduced a new face to the school community this September.

Photo by Hailey Lam

Fourth band lunch launched

For the first time, Townsend Harris High School has a fourth band lunch in effect in addition to bands five, six and seven, to allow for more scheduling flexibility.… Read the rest