Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Election Simulation goes nationwide Photo by Rebekah Jones
For SINGers, drama is the name of the game Photo by Adam Sosnicki
Daedalus to shut down after September 30 Art by Bailey Chan
Harrislam: National Victor Photo Courtesy of Minahil Khan
Features Spotlight Photo by Kathy Chang

Living between two worlds: students discuss divorce

The personal lives of students are often glossed over in the midst of their academic lives at Townsend Harris. Students are often unaware of what a student’s family life consists of, and for several, it involves divorce.… Read the rest

Opinion Spotlight Art by Anna Cheng

Learning to respect thy neighbor

Despite criticism about the elitist atmosphere that infests Townsend Harris, there has been no attempt in eliminating the superiority complex that exists within several Harrisites.… Read the rest

A&E Spotlight Photo by Hailey Lam

The Best Vegetarian Food Around Townsend Harris

October 1, World Vegetarian Day, marks the beginning of vegetarian awareness month. This month sheds light on the benefits of becoming a vegetarian and celebrates the choice of leading a meatless life.… Read the rest

Sports Spotlight Photo by Hailey Lam

Joining the A-Mazza-ing Race

This year, mathematics teacher Stephen Mazza became the new Assistant Coach of the girls cross country team.

Dr. Mazza, while not running track in his high school or college career, is not new to the coaching scene.Read the rest

More Stories

Invention of the Month: 3D-Printed Cars

Recently, automobile company Local Motors announced their plans to produce the first 3D-printed, fully functional car that promises many environment-friendly benefits.… Read the rest

Science Olympiad Events on Trial

Last week, Science Olympiad held its annual inhouse exams for multiple science events, including new trial events for the upcoming year.Read the rest

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana has popped up like the plague and ravaged communities within the five boroughs. However, there has been an even more alarming number of synthetic marijuana incidents in Queens, specifically Jamaica, Queens.Read the rest

Cheating Scandal Prompts Implementation of New Lab Policy

Recently, physics students at Townsend Harris High School received the news of a new policy regarding the weekly lab report submission process.  Read the rest