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Pursuing a life of poetry

June 18, 2013

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  1. Barbara Hannon

    Dearest Safia, Congratulations on starting a new period in your life! (Not to mention the TF position at Rutgers.) I am full of joy that you are able to do this and to focus so clearly on your writing. Following your heart and head is a remarkably rare opportunity. I hope to see you and Vincent on the Great Sandbar this summer! Love....

  2. Mohamud Jama

    Lovely tribute to both student and teacher. keep writing both of you.

  3. Elliott Upton

    Safia This is Geoffrey Upton's father. Geoffrey has kept me informed about your teaching and now your move into writing poetry. I remember you very well and wish you all the best as you go forward at Rutgers and beyond. Like your mother, I spent many years teaching for the NYC Board of Education. Please send my regards to Virginia. Elliott

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