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Lynne Greenfield: A Legacy of Creativity

April 8, 2014

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  1. Murray Tandler

    Lynne and I were colleagues before she came to Townshend. I was the NYC Academy of Finance director (now retired, of course)and Lynne ran the companion Academy of Travel & Tourism. Ultimately, these programs became part of a national network of career academies under the auspices of the National Academy Foundation. When she left the directorship to go to Townshend I understood her need to be directly involved on the front lines. I had even worked as a colleague of Dr. Largmann back in the day at Tilden HS and knew she would be in a great place to work. I have just learned of Lynne's passing and am devastated. Lynne's sparkling personality, acute intelligence, and ability to cut through B.S. made her a quintessential educator--who always placed the interest of the kids first. I am so sorry her life was cut short--she had so much to give to the world. R.I.P., dear friend.

  2. Seth Cohen

    I was the student who sang the Billy Joel song :) Lynne will be missed.

  3. Richard V. Russo

    When Lynne's father reposed, I paid a Shiva call. It was a Sunday and I had just come from serving the Divine Liturgy in my church (St. Michael's @ 266 Mulberry St.) Still dressed in my 'clerics', I bought a cake and rang the bell. Lynne welcomed me warmly to her appartment. At a certain point virtually all the family and friends left. Later Lynne sat down beside me and asked, "I wonder what my family thought of Catholic priest's attending Dad's Shiva." I reassured her, "Not to worry. I told them that just before the end he converted." She broke into peals of her characteristic hoarse laugh. "Don't you remember?", I asked, "that was when everybody got up and left." Another guffaw! I can hear it even now! May G-d comfort you among all the other mourners of Jerusalem and Sion.

  4. Paul Gambino

    Ms. Greenfield was my Humanities English teacher at RHHS. She was an inspiration to me and many of my classmates. In a high school that was not known for its academics or progressive thinking Ms. Greenfield was a symbol of what was beyond the walls of this "safe and simple" HS.

  5. Denise

    Beautifully written. Sounds like a wonderful lady... I wish I was there to experience her greatness. Rest in perfect peace.

  6. Aram Taleporos

    Lynne was a very special teacher and I remember her classes well (even many years later.) She was a fellow Manhattanite who would occasionally give me a ride home if I was at school late. (often doing something for her on an antiquated computer) She was kind compassionate and funny. She gave me the biggest surprise my senior year, the first Bernice Horrowitz Humanities Award that I still treasure today. She had the ability to reach and help students excel regardless of their circumstances. She will be missed...

  7. Ms. Greenfield was a huge inspiration to me. She taught me to think critically and to be bold with my writing. She was so devoted to her students and to her field. She shaped the way I approach literature and I will definitely always have her in my memory. We were all so lucky to have her as a teacher. Thank you, Ms. Greenfield. Zina (Izrael) Kroner '93

  8. Gregory Grene

    I'm so sorry to learn of Lynne's passing. She was a truly wonderful person, and long after THHS she continued to fill an invaluable role as a Field Supervisor for Teachers College Columbia University. The difference she made to me in that role was just extraordinary - she went over and above to ensure that a position that was initially very problematic became hugely rewarding. A fine, fine person. I learned of her passing because an email thank you bounced back; her significance to me can be measured by my trying to contact her five years after she worked with me.

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