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Interracial dating: the parent problem

November 25, 2014

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  1. Khalil Smith

    This is a very interesting topic for me in particular being someone who dated many people of different races and also being a gay man. I felt my parents were always supportive, but they were always sure to make sure I wasn't dating outside my race simply to run from my identity. I am a proud Black-American and I've dated other Black-Americans. I found there wasn't a large socio-spatial between Blacks and Caribbean Latinos. However, research shows that the socio-spatial gap is far larger between these groups and Asians, South Americans, and Caucasians. The cultural differences made past relationships that much harder, but as a man of intellect who seek other men of intellect, I celebrated differences as opposed to running from them. Perhaps this is due to my upbringing because my parents were very adamant about informing me of the negro struggle in America. As a result of the ill treatment of my forefathers I was always taught to value myself and others as beautiful. Also, as a condition of slavery my parents speak of slaves being turned away at doors during their attempts at freedom, so it was passed down that no matter who was brought to our door we would welcome, be they our enemy or our friend, for through love alone can we cure hate. All love, be it interracial or not, is beautiful.

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