Townsend Harris High School at Queens College


Sources provide accounts of interim acting principal’s behavior

December 9, 2016

  1. Parent of 2010-2014

    I learned the following from The Classic: We have obtained irrefutable evidence of a conversation in which the principal speaks in the following manner in response to a suggestion from a colleague that she be more present in the school’s halls: “Standing in the hallway is not gonna make a difference… I’m not [Former Principal] Anthony [Barbetta] and I’m not standing in the f*****g hallway. I’m not gonna do what Anthony did… I’m not gonna stand and hold the door open.” ------------------------------------------------------------------ 不管在校內還是高中博覽會,我最常跟其他家長交流的體會之一就是,我們一進THHS就有一種親切溫暖的感覺,特別是前两任校長,不管是開放日还是家长会日,我们总能看到他们在学校的大厅过道微笑着和家长们打招呼,和家长们交谈的身影。这个学校的学生老师保安对人都很有礼貌很友好,这是一个让人有家的感觉的学校。 现在这个无礼不懂得尊重人的校长,怎么可能被这个大家庭欢迎?我想她可能比较适合到监狱而不是在学校当领导。 One of the most common experiences I have shared with other parents, whether at school or at the high school fair, is that we have a warm and warm feeling when we enter THHS. No matter it is the Open House or the Parent-Teacher's Meeting Day, we always saw the two former principals, in the hall way, smiling, greeting and talking to parents. The students, teachers, staffs, and security people are very polite and friendly.This is a school where makes us feel like home. What Principal Jahoda did seems not being welcome by this family. I think she may be more right fit to be a leader in a prison not in a school.

  2. Barbetta FTW

    OOOH DAMN, you kids at Townsend Harris wish you still had Mr Barbetta.

  3. J.A.

    Alum Parent Class of 2011. This is down right shameful. I have contacted NY1.

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