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Principal appointment process postponed, committee members feel alienated

December 13, 2016

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  1. john fager

    A writer should dig back into Bronx Science and what happened there for around a decade (2000-2010). A horrible principal, Valerie Ready, was appointed principal and surrounded herself with terrible APs like Rosemarie Jahoda. Ready was kept in place no matter the harm she did to Bronx Science because Joel Klein believed in principal empowerment no matter what. According to today's New York Times 20 out of the 22 math teachers that reported to Jahoda filed complaints against her. Now Jahoda reappears. What school did she come from? Contact a student on the SLT and ask about Jahoda. Have the UFT Chapter Chair contact his counterpart at Jahoda's previous school. Most crucially of all is the C30 process for selecting a new supervisor. After all is said and done the superintendent has the final say. In suburban schools parents, teachers, and students often play a role in selecting a new principal. The New York City school system has become so top down. Bloomberg started it with mayoral control and de Blasio and Farina have happily kept it going. The superintendent, as do all of them, owe their jobs to Farina.

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