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Alumnus feels demeaned after being “escorted” through the building by school aide during visit

January 12, 2017

  1. I did have a bunch of email exchanges with Principal Jahoda today. She did clarify to me that alumni will not need actual escorts and the policy is more about communication amongst staff members about alumni movement within the school. It sounds like there were escorts required for these alumni but based on my exchange with Ms. Jahoda, that will not be the policy going forward. We should all watch this carefully. The Alumni Association clearly wants a policy that makes sense and a policy that protects the safety of our students and the building in general. It will be very important to have crystal clear communication of rules and procedures towards both faculty and guests. That clearly didn't happen based on the experiences of several people. It would have been helpful to have this communication ahead of time and encourage the administration to have that open discussion with us. That being said, we need to look forward, and we look forward to working with the school in this endeavor.

    • THHS Alumna '13

      Quick question: I do agree that safety for the students and the building is very important, but what is the reason for this change? Was one given?

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